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What is GPTGO.AI?

Formerly known as GooGPT, GPTGO is a prominent search engine that combines Google search technology and the intelligent response capabilities of ChatGPT for free. It is a modern search tool with many unique features.

Features of GPTGO

GPTGO combines the best features from Google search technology and ChatGPT, along with many other useful features.

Search results combined with Free ChatGPT

In addition to search results from Google, GPTGO.AI also provides creative answers from Free ChatGPT, helping users gain a more diverse view of the information they are searching for.

Unlimited Free ChatGPT usage

GPTGO.AI allows users to experience Free ChatGPT without worrying about usage limits.

Super fast speed

GPTGO.AI ensures extremely fast search and response speeds from ChatGPT, saving users time.

Easy copying and downloading of content

GPTGO.AI provides convenient copy and download features for ChatGPT content, supporting users in storing and reusing information.

Brings a reliable and efficient search experience

Inspired by these two leading technology resources, GPTGO has rapidly developed into a reliable and effective search engine.

With GPTGO.AI, users will experience an advanced and convenient search tool that takes advantage of the strengths of both Google and ChatGPT, making online information search simpler and faster than ever.

How to use GPTGO

To use GPTGO, you can follow these steps:
  • Visit the website GPTGO.AI
  • Enter a question or keyword to search for
  • Get the results and interact with Free ChatGPT
  • Save or download Search results
Get the results and interact with Free ChatGPT

Frequently Asked Questions

GPTGO still returns search results as usual, but adds a chatGPT query feature, so the results will also include ChatGPT answers.

No, you don't need a ChatGPT account or anything, we have integrated a premium ChatGPT account for you to use completely for free.

GPTGO is completely free, you can use search combined with an unlimited paid ChatGPT account and do not have to pay any fees.

GPTGO can be used on any device: iPhone/iPad, Android, PC, Tablet,... you only need a web browser and an internet connection to use GPTGO.

GPTGO's chatbot integrates the real-time API of Google search and Chatgpt, so the accuracy is ensured for both companies.

In addition to the search results of the current leading search engine Google, GPTGO also has ChatGPT search information to give you the fastest and most accurate results.

GPTGo has a mobile app called Go AI, available on both Android and iOS, you can download it at the link on the website. Btw, you can access GPTGO faster by: Setting GPTGO as the default search or Bookmarking in your favorites list if you dont want to install the app.

GPTGO.AI does not store or track any user information, all user actions are anonymous and protected.

Yes, GPTGO can be used on any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge,...) as well as on any device (Desktop, Mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Laptop,...) and any operating system (Android, iOS,...)

Certainly, you can send us anything (Feedback, Bugs, Advanced Suggestions, ...) and we will be very grateful for that.

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